Senior IOS Developer

Job Description

An IOS Developer’s primary role in the OAK environment is to design and build crash-free, stable, promptly, and qualified applications on the IOS Platform. The OAK attaches great significance to the R&D skills of an IOS Developer.

Responsibilities & Roles

  • Testing during and after the production,
  • Ensuring crash free status and stability of the application,
  • Submitting the application project on time and as the required quality,
  • Contributing to the know-how pool of the IOS Production team about both regarding his/her application project and relevant IOS implementations,
  • Doing research and sharing the knowledge: Against “How to do?” questions, concerning the application projects under production,
  • Checking, implementing and reporting the localization issues.
  • Reviewing colleagues’ coding

Qualifications & Skills

OAK’s general view is that creative and analytical individuals with strong coding skills make for successful IOS developers. In addition to preferably having a BSc. Degree in Computer Science, OAK looks for the following qualifications and skills:

Language: Having at least a B1 level of English knowledge (B2 preferred).

Coding: Implementing quality coding into mobile apps, being knowledgeable in different architect patterns applications (MVC, Viper, MVVM), Xcode, Swift, Git, Cocoapods, Object Oriented Design Patterns.

Experience: Having at least 3 years of experience in IOS App production (5 Years experience preferred), having a self-produced application published, having working experience at 5 different applications published.

Software Skills: Implementing required and accurate Third-Party Tools, extensive experience with IOS Frameworks, having strong algorithms perceptions, being familiarized with database experience, being knowledgeable on Apple’s design principles and application interface guidelines.

Testing and Troubleshooting: Testing apps and employing strong troubleshooting skills, having familiarized with Unit Test, identifying potential problems and resolving application bottlenecks, finding and fixing application bugs.

Project Management: Having familiarized with steps inherent to application production for IOS platforms.

Team Collaboration: Having good collaboration skills with other IOS Developers, illustrators, designers and other members of the development team.

Multitasking: Being able to work on multiple projects at various stages of completion.