Photo Locker: Secret Pic Vault

Protect your secret PHOTOS and VIDEOS from unfriendly peeping. Keep your privacy safe.

Worried about your secrets on your iPhone or iPad? Worried about your photos, images, pictures, etc. in your device? Are you afraid of someone can see your private photos?

Don't worry let Photo Locker: Secret Pic Vault help you hide pictures, choose photos from the gallery and hide them.

Secretly hide pictures, videos and Lock photos, videos without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your device.

It is very simple, fast. Your files will be secretly stored in a vault and can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered on the password panel of this app.

Save Directly from Camera to Locked Photos or Videos, keep your privacy.

Photo Locker: Secret Pic Vault hides pictures and it is an app that is absolutely needed for the protection of personal privacy.

Lock & hide your private Photos & Videos. All files are securely stored in the app only and no one can touch them except yourself!

Photo Locker: Secret Pic Vault helps you to keep your privacy and hide your secret party photos or videos and lock them from everyone's eyes.

Stop worrying about people stalking your phone and getting to breach your privacy. With your pin lock, we have ensured that your privacy stays totally under your control.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE TODAY! No worry about your private photos and videos anymore.

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