Senior Android Developer

Job Description

A Senior Android Developer’s primary role in the OAK environment is to design and build crash-free, stable, and qualified applications promptly on the Android platform. OAK attaches great significance to the R&D skills of a Senior Android Developer.

Responsibilities & Roles

  • Composing time estimations for each feature of the application before kick-off
  • Submitting the application project on time and as the required quality,
  • Ensuring crash-free status and stability of the application,
  • Contributing to the know-how pool of the Android Production team regarding his/her application project and relevant implementations,
  • Doing research and sharing the knowledge: Against “How to do?” questions concerning the application projects under production.

Qualifications & Skills

It is OAK’s general view that creative and analytical individuals with strong coding skills make for successful Android developers. In addition to preferably having BSc. degree in Computer Science, OAK looks for the following qualifications and skills:

  • Language: Have at least a B1 level of English knowledge.
  • Coding: implementing quality coding into mobile apps, Java, Kotlin Crawling, HTML, CSS, Javascript experiences, obfuscation, and ProGuard.
  • Software Skills: Proven software development experience and Android skills development, Understanding of Google’s Android Material design principles and interface guidelines, implementing required and accurate Third-Party SDKs (Retrofit, Glide, Picasso, Androidx, Android navigations, Room DB, Ad Network SDKs, Analytic SDKs, etc), having at least 5-year Android development experience or developing 15+ Android applications, SDK Development experience, Backend Development experience (nice to have), Being able to use CI / CD (nice to have)
  • Testing and Troubleshooting: testing apps and employing strong troubleshooting skills, familiarizing with Unit Test, identifying potential problems, and resolving application bottlenecks, finding and fixing application bugs.
  • Project Management: have familiarized with steps inherent to Android application production.
  • Team Collaboration: have good collaboration skills with other Android Developers, illustrators, designers, and other development team members.
  • Multitasking: being able to work on multiple projects at various stages of completion