Bedtime Stories: Fairy Tales, Relaxing Sounds

The most popular and educational bedtime stories, fairy tales, relaxing sounds and videos to be able to fall asleep comfortably, relax your mind and body.

Step Counter: Pedometer, Water Reminder, Heartbeat App

Simple way to keep track of how much and how far you walk. It also tracks your burned calories, walking distance and time.

Video Maker: Video Editor, Remove Background, Clip App

The Easiest video editing tool to make stylish videos. Add magical effects, great filters, popular themes, special doodles, musics to your own or any videos..

OAK Tech

Areas of Interests

We develop Mobile Applications, Advertising, Publishing, Data Analysis and Optimization, Game Design and Development ve Monetization.

Oak Applications
We Create Mobile Apps and More !

We are a team of like-minded people who want to build great products with technical genius and passionate creativity. We have created more than 100 Apps, some of them succeeded and some of them not but we love creating and don’t care about the rest :)

We Love Data / Analytics

AppCalibre provides unique solutions designed to allow your apps to maximise their revenue potential. To accelerate your app's revenue, If monetisation looks like a nightmare for you, then AppCalibre is the right platform to benefit. We are a new monetisation management platform built by a team of highly experienced developers and account managers.

Oak Academy
We are in Education and Training

Oak Academy is perfectly placed within the online community to deliver high-quality teaching and to learn in the digital world. At OAK Academy, we have 53 online courses and 20K Trainees in our classes. These courses about Oracle, C#, Java, Android Development, React JS, React Native, Spring Framework and Cyber Security and Unity, R Programming.


OAK Tech Awards

Oak Smart Technology believes in, relies and invests on data. As a result of this, Oak Technology has its app analytics optimisation platform AppCalibre. AppCalibre helps them by optimising the monetisation model and by providing promotion and publishing support to go global through AI and ML-based software.

We are selected as a finalist for Best Analytics/Data Tool Category in MobileGames Awards in 2019.

Best Analytics / Data Tool Category

Supporting developers and publishers develop their games and run marketing campaigns through analytics tools and/or providing data on market performance.