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Why OAK?

An environment pushing critical thinking, creativity, and innovation

OAK members are set on critical thinking, creativity, and passion for producing, to skill themselves to achievement. OAK values diversity, respect, and dedication in job satisfaction. We endeavor for a perfect balance between work and joyful life.

Praises self-directed skilling of individuals as a way to growth

OAK views employers’ personal development and improvement of their skillset as a promising step for its growth. We value each individual’s perspective and believe that each has a “say” in our journey to the desired accomplishment.

Company Culture

Be empowered and thrive

Proactive stance

We believe that “doing” creates value. When we come up with an idea, we take action and channel our experiences into actions.

Critical thinking

Embracing a critical perspective contributes to opening new inroads in our minds to inspire more creative product ideas. Hence, critical individuals find a lot in our ecosystem.


All we have achieved so far is a product of good teamwork. Staying at modesty, we value to support our members and make collaborative work as of our culture.

We work remotely

Let’s build cutting-edge mobile technology products loved by millions

Oak Smart Technology is a mobile internet technology company dedicated to making the world smarter and safer. It aims to produce leading apps for mobile users worldwide and connect users with personalised content powered by artificial intelligence and big data analytics

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Training & Development:

Build and empower your skills at our environment. You have the opportunity benefiting from Oak Academy’s training products. 

Fun Activities:

Have fun during our online gaming sessions, Happy Hours, whether we’re arranging a party or going on a company retreat, we know well how to entertain as a team.


Enjoy our various trips and events. Oak’s teams across the Europe connect themselves through trips and events.

Gifts & Celebration:

Have special occasions to celebrate and support each other through gifting.

Get Inspired:

Being a member of our company also means to work with and learn from people at the top of their concentration areas.

Open Positions

A Senior Android Developer’s primary role in the OAK environment is to design and build crash-free, stable, and qualified applications promptly on the Android platform.

Senior Android Developer

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